Things To Do While Self Isolating Without Self Sabotaging

Posted on March 27 2020



Like many of us, you may have found yourself self-isolated due to the COVID-19 chaos. And, although a couple days on the couch sounds dreamy, the boredom can set in pretty quick. Here’s some of our inspirational and indulgent ideas while also encouraging a bit of self-love. 

Kitchen cook-ups
You’re going to be doing a lot of cooking for yourself over the next few weeks, so you may as well get good at it - focus on larger meals with plenty of leftovers to throw into the freezer. 

Organise your photos
One of those weird jobs that you might not think of, but will give you some piece of mind and a nice trip down memory lane. 

Update your LinkedIn profile
There’s no better time to update your profile. Even if your job is secure it’s always easier to stay on top of your professional experience rather than trying to rethink jobs and achievements you’ve done in the past.

Fix up the backyard
If you’re lucky enough to have a bit of yard space, there’s plenty of reasons to get your green thumb going. Give your outdoor space a little TLC because you’ll probably be spending a lot of time out there. 

If you're feeling a bit anxious know you're alone, and that feeling is a completely normal response to these current events. Meditation is a great way to ease anxiety. If you’re new to this practice Apps can be a great way to access guided meditations at home – a few of our faves are Headspace and Calm.

Try an at-home workout program
Don't let lying low at home keep you from getting in some regular exercise. Not only does getting the body moving keep you physically fit and healthy, exercise is also a great way to get some extra endorphins flowing and boost your mood.

Read a book
Another obvious one, and an incredible replacement for anxiety-inducing social media scrolling. The benefits of reading books are countless so why not dive into some classics.

Call a friend or family member
Maintaining human connections are going to be more important than ever before in the coming weeks and months, and outside of being able to physically hang out with people, make a phone call or FaceTime could be crucial to getting through these tough times.

Throw a teddy bear’s picnic
This is for those looking after children. Gather the kids soft toys and host a picnic your little one will remember forever.


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